UK Sets New Record in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sets new record by producing nearly a third of UK electricity.


Environmental Whataboutisms

A fauxgressive whataboutism that I sometimes encounter is the claim that it is justified to behave in an environmentally irresponsible and destructive way because there are bigger things one can do for the environment than improve one’s own life. Sometimes people claim that it’s neoliberal propaganda that individuals should ever do anything good, including reducing the extent of their own bad behaviour. Believing that individuals have moral duties has something to do with supporting capitalism apparently. There are also versions of this involving respect for animals or humans by not buying certain animal products or not buying goods produced under slave conditions.

The wrongness of this ‘reasoning’ should be obvious. People have a duty to harm the environment as little as is feasible. This duty is completely independent of whatever the facts may be about what else can be done for the environment. The same applies to our duties to not needlessly harm animals and humans.